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"Alyx is really one of those gems who has earned her golden reputation...  She is everything I had heard, fun, smart, and very, very sexy. I strongly recommend getting on her list before she goes underground and semi-retired. I say semi because it's hard to imagine a woman with that kind of sex drive retiring entirely."

(From My Latest  TER Review)


"There is no proper category for her as she is not really GFE or PSE, but rather maybe something unique like a XFE. X standing for exotic exciting ecstasy. She fun, razor sharp, witty, and is ready to totally please. If you are not a VIP just understand that there is no hype here -- she is awesome"

(TER review 1371610)


Why You Will Adore Me

pinup sex appeal 

tall & lean yet curvy figure        (5'8 tall & 34D-26-34)        

my part-time status / life outside of being "Alyx"

sharp as a knife

sweet as your favorite treat

genuine,  sweet, engaging & intelligent

a leg man's wet dream

my nerdy side ;-)

delightfully kinky



I'm Alyx, Chicago's most highly rated companion. I simply LOVE men ... and love discovering and indulging their deepest passions and desires. 

I have been described as a dynamo. As the ultimate in eroticism. 

When we meet, you will find that, like you, I am complex.


I only dabble in these carnal pursuits on a very part-time basis, and my life outside of this lends an element of complexity to my time spent as "Alyx".

A complexity you will surely find as appealing as my long toned legs, lean curves, alabaster skin, and beautiful dark hair.

I rarely tour (approximately 4 days per month), and prefer to spend time on private jaunts with my lovers.



A Few Favorites

TED Talks  .. Paleo cooking .. design .. anti humor .. art nouveau .. airport bars .. timeless fashion ..  silk .. satin .. sex .. words 

When I play (and pet, and kiss, and touch ..) I play hard. The more I accomplish academically and professionally, the higher my sex drive. There is something about feeling completely in control of ones destiny that makes the hormones spike. Wouldn't you agree? ;)

So you might describe me as a busy, highly driven perfectionist with a hedonistic streak. Or perhaps a tech nerd meets sexual deviant.

Or what about business savvy entrepreneur meets red-hot porn vixen? 

Regardless of how you label me, I am positive that you will adore me. :)

My travels allow me to have enjoy the company of amazing men while investing in my future and funding my various endeavors. How cool is that!? :)



Why do I love private travel?

the thrill of rushing through an airport or sitting on a plane .. surrounded by men who want me .. and knowing that YOU are the man I am flying to meet ;)


waiting for you, in our room, when you get out of your last meeting of the day ... wearing a sexy little number, and ready to help you unwind in the most pleasurable of ways


enoying an amazing meal together without having to worry about being "discovered"


the fact that we can make our getaway exactly what we want it to be


You will find that our possibilities are endless.

I love to kiss, touch, tease and savor. But I have also been known to pounce at first sight. ;) To ravish my lover as soon as he walkes in the door. 

Whether we tease and savor our tear each others clothes off before even uttering "hello" will depend on our exact chemistry.

On any given day - and at any given moment - I might play any number of roles or enjoy any number of different erotic pleasures.Each of my layers is completely and genuinely me, and how we relate will be completely unique to us. It will be determined by our particular chemistry. 

We might explore voyeurism ... tease & denial ... toys for boys ... toys for girls ... naughty role play ...

And I might be your: 

  • Mistress: Since the seed was planted at the tender age of eighteen, my desire for married men has done nothing but grow. I am aroused by secrecy and by knowing that I am someone's delectable little secret.  
  • Vixen: Confident, overtly sexual, tastefully naughty and dressed up (or down) to the nines, I epitomize the classic vixen. I love flirtatious banter and shooting coy glances at men on the brink of sexual combustion. 
  • Teacher: I am a woman who truly knows what she wants from a man. What her body needs. This does not make me a selfish lover ... No, not in the least. And I have been fortunate to know so many skilled lovers in my time. But I am confident, and if you like, I will not shy away from showing you what turns me on.
  • Student: Do not take this literally - I will not bore you with hours of blow by blows of my current coursework. :) What I mean is that you will find me to be as fixated on your pleasure as I am on my own. And while I have been told that I possess great erotic intuition, I always enjoy being coached. I love the ritual of worshiping my lovers body. Won't you let me study the intricacies of your sexual palette?


Cannot wait.....





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