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Read my June 15th post to find out why I have decided to delay my retirement until December, 2014. :)




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Sex and Power     Like you, I am complex. :) Inimitable. I am a busy, highly driven perfectionist with a hedonistic streak. I am part bookworm, part sexual deviant. Business savvy entrepreneur meets red-hot porn vixen.

It is an interesting balance indeed ... and one which ultimately works. :)

I view my escorting adventures as the ultimate break from my "real life" responsibilities. I live in Denver and travel to see my suitors as my schedule allows. During this time, I am able to put everything else aside and focus the pursuit of immediate carnal fulfillment. 

I get to have fun and experience amazing new things while investing in my future and funding my various endeavors? How cool is that!? :-)

Anyway, when I play, I play hard. The more I accomplish academically and professionally, the higher my sex drive. There is something about feeling completely in control of ones destiny - the power - that makes the hormones spike. Wouldn't you agree?



Great (Dirty) Minds Think Alike     Like you, I come equipped with a highly defined set of triggers. Those little things that just do "it" for me. And I love spending time with mature, driven, successful men who share my affinity for:

  • Voyeurism
  • Mutual Pleasure
  • Exquisite Lingerie
  • Nylons & High Heels
  • Dirty Words
  • Romantic Dinners
  • Tease & Denial
  • Kissing
  • Toys For Boys & Girls Alike
  • Naughty Role Play



Endless Possibilities     On any given day - and at any given moment - I might play any number of roles. Each of my layers is completely and genuinely me, and how we relate will be completely unique to us. It will be determined by our particular chemistry. 

I might be your: 

  • Mistress: Since the seed was planted at the tender age of eighteen, my desire for married men has done nothing but grow. I am aroused by secrecy and by knowing that I am someone's delectable little secret.  
  • Vixen: Confident, overtly sexual, tastefully naughty and dressed up (or down) to the nines, I epitomize the classic vixen. I love flirtatious banter and shooting coy glances at men on the brink of sexual combustion. 
  • Teacher: I am a woman who truly knows what she wants from a man. What her body needs. This does not make me a selfish lover ... No, not in the least. And I have been fortunate to know so many skilled lovers in my time. But I am confident, and if you like, I will not shy away from showing you what turns me on.
  • Student: Do not take this literally - I will not bore you with hours of blow by blows of my current coursework. :) What I mean is that you will find me to be as fixated on your pleasure as I am on my own. And while I have been told that I possess great erotic intuition, I always enjoy being coached. I love the ritual of worshiping my lovers body. Won't you let me study the intricacies of your sexual palette?


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  • Personal Correspondence: As mentioned in many of my reviews, I love keeping in touch with my wonderful clients through playful, erotic email banter. However, my increasingly busy schedule outside of escorting makes it hard for me to keep pace with multiple lengthy, personal email threads on a daily basis. So if you would like to trade sexy messages, please know that I would love to join you! But I must also ask you remain patient and understanding if it takes a few days for me to reply. Thank you!



  • The Basics: 30 years old, 34D-26-34, 5'8 in stockings 

  • Resident City: I live in my native Denver. But due to a need for discretion, I have decided not to see clients locally. I travel to Chicago (and other select cities) at least once a month in order to satiate my most torrid desires. :)

  • Education: I hold a BA in an artistic field about which I am passionate. However, it is utterly useless in todays job market, and I am in the process of earning a more practical degree. :-) When not on the road, I am EXTREMELY busy with my academic pursuits. So if my email response time is ever lacking, please attribute it to these time constraints. :-)

  • Sense of Style: I gravitate towards the classics: chic little black dresses or pencil skirts and blouses paired with tasteful heels. I also enjoy sporting form fitting designer jeans and cute tops. :) I always dress beautifully and, most importantly, appropriately

  • Are You "All Natural"? My answer to this is a proud NO. :-) My breasts are enhanced, but everything else is real and all mine. No lipo, no injections, no tucks or lifts or ... You get the picture. But ask again in ten years and I'm sure you will receive a different answer. lol

  • Favorite Colors: emerald green, black, amethyst

  • Favorite Cuisine: dark chocolate, almonds, seafood, steak, greens and the very occasional crusty, delicious baguette with salted butter. Please scroll to the bottom of this page to read about my preferred cocktails. :)

  • A Few More Favorites: writing, cooking, antiquing, hiking,Ted Talks (thanks, Netflix!), David Sedaris, Boston Terriers and testosterone flicks



  • The Perfect Date: I love the natural progression of longer dates. A romantic dinner or cocktail hour highlighted by flirtations conversation .. my fingertips gently brushing your leg underneath the table .. and then the mad dash back to our boudoir. :)
  • My Incall: Should you decide to visit me, you will find yourself in an upscale hotel, and our dream will unfold against a backdrop of soft candlelight and sensual music. And, like any good courtesan, I always stock my bathroom with fresh towels and scent free bath and body products. :)

  • Discretion is Key! I take your need for discretion very seriously. I only wear perfume upon request, and you will never arrive to find that I have painted my skin with glitter dust or lipstick. In other words, you needn't worry about returning home looking or smelling like you were mauled by a roving band of strippers. :-) 
  • My Ideal Lover: I love men who are well groomed, well dressed, intelligent, successful and kind.

  • Other Women: I love the touch and taste of other women. Should you wish to add a third to our tryst, please let both of us know ahead of time so that we may first become acquainted. After all, few things in life are more awkward than a mismatched threesome. :)

  • Greek: I never (NEVER) offer Greek. 

  • Substances: I do not partake in an any illegal substances and expect the same of you. If you do choose to partake, you are an idiot. But that is your problem, and I will not allow it to become mine. Should you choose to participate in such activities during our time together, or if you are under the influence of anything when we meet, I will end the date immediately.

  • Alcohol: I will gladly join you in toasting our new friendship. :) Perhaps with a glass of champagne, prosecco, Pinot Grigio or a vodka on the rocks. (Chopin, Kettle One & Absolut Pears being my three favorites.) ... However, I will never drink to the point of intoxication while on a date and I kindly request you show the same respct. If you become sloppy drunk while we are together, or if you are so impared when we meet, I will be forced to end the date immediately.

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